Tuesday, February 28, 2017

FAKE NEWS MARCUS SCRIVEN NEVER INTERVIEWS THE DUKE OR DUCHESS OF MANCHESTER .Marcus has no journalism degree but he writes fake half baked stories! Marcus bio below states he's not done anything for England.Marcus Scriven read History at Oxford, was briefly a soldier, then became a journalist, initially for the Sunday Telegraph, later for the Evening Standard, before researching and writing Splendour & Squalor, an odyssey which led him to Australia (twice), to Her Majesty’s Prison Camp Hill (as a visitor), to Ireland, Jersey and Kenya. He spoke to undertakers, firemen, crematoria operators, as well as to peers and pensioners and members of the families scrutinised, and was a leading contributor to Channel 4’s documentary on Victor Hervey, 6th Marquess of Bristol, broadcast in March 2009, a few months before the publication of Splendour & Squalor. He has, for many years, contributed monthly profiles toThe Insurance Insider, a specialist, subscription-only periodical: a role which offers a regular reminder that moral deficiency is not exclusively exhibited by those on the ‘down-escalator’ of life. He is now researching his second book.The Dukes of Manchester fought for the very ground Marcus Scriven stands on in Europe. Marcus has done nothing for his country except slander good family's and dead people.FAKE NEWShttps://www.google.com/amp/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3716050/amp/Final-disgrace-dodgy-duke-thrice-married-blue-blood-bigamist-caught-red-handed-bungled-burglary-ex-wives-surprised-all.html

Marcus Scriven refuses to tell truths and interview the Duke or Duchess of Manchester. 
As a journalist your first job is to GET BOTH SIDES TO A STORY. 
Marcus Scriven AND others REFUSAL to post anything about JASON Ballenskis attack and police report. 
ITS going public we have producers now and witness's photos and video filmed of Jason Balkenski vehicular manslaughter, JASON got out of his car beating and kicking The Duke in the head and back. As he lay in the street, at 2pm in the afternoon, Many witnesses!!!! 
THEY won't print the facts. The ambulance and hospital records and photos are fact. 
The Duke lost consciousness AFTER THE ATTACK and was suffering Blood on his brain. Yes a Ambulance was there also. 
The duke was suffering a head injury we have medical reports. That's when he walked into the wrong house and got arrested, The duke was staying at a police officers home because Jason Balkenski was escalating in violence. 
The state department is investigating. 
We find it curious that Marcus Scriven UK is on Facebook with the Dukes attacker JASON Balkenski his wife Tina and the Dukes X wife Wendy Buford, and the Dukes trustees. MARCUS IS ON FACEBOOK WITH THESE IDIOTS WITHOUT ASKING THE DUKE OR DUCHESS THE FACTS!!!
We have been told by sources Marcus Scriven gets paid to post FAKE NEWS and never tells who his references are. 
Marcus Scriven also has the Dukes X wife Wendy Montagu Buford remarried name (KEY) on speed dial. Marcus is more than happy to harass and aggravate the household with children who don't deserve to hear Marcus Scrivens lies and constant gossip and phone callls to there drunk unstable mother.
Wendy Montagu Buford (KEY). Wendy bragged for years she spoke to Marcus Scriven everyday. 
Marcus was calling the Dukes X wife wendy Montagu Buford and just believing her and  
Writing all her fabricated stories lies. 
Without research or calling to talk to the Duke. 
MARCUS even printed the Duke was not paying his childcare another HUGE LIE We posted the entire payment file on line because of Marcus Scrivens lies. In 2013 Wendy was dropped by child services for non cooperation, Wendy Buford Montagu LIED and refused to show her payments to DSS. 
Because wendy was a huge lier about the payments but we posted them.
Marcus Scrivens book is full of fake stories isn't it funny he NEVER interviews the Duke and Duchess of Manchester EVER. 
Marcus loves to talk about DEAD people because they can't defend themselves. 
We can't believe your in any facet of journalism someone in your family must work in the business because your not qualified. 
Your just a bunch of FAKE NEWS. We all passed around your book of lies it was shocking!!!