Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thank you for your kindness and Prayers. The Duke of Manchester wasviolently attacked by Jason BALLENSKI is not yet Arrested the policetried twice and can not find him? The Duke was attacked on 6/6/ 2016 byJason BALLENSKI and has serious head injury from this very Violentattack. The Duke was staying with friends recently getting away JasonBALLENSKI when he mistakenly went into the wrong house. It's verysimple. Many Las Vegas homes mostly look the same beige.

Photos and police reports are here,  You can find more photos and reports here
There are many Witnesses to this very violent attempt to Kill The Duke of Manchester at 2:00 in the afternoon on 6/8/2016

The Duke of Manchester, Alexander Montagu Manchester was attacked by Jason Ballenski in broad daylight on 6/8/2016. Several Witness said Ballenski was trying to kill Mr Manchester they called police and ambulance Mr Manchester was out unconscious. Jason Ballenski had broke in the front door in March he was drunk on drugs, The video taken on March 6th shows Jason Ballenski kicking in door of Manchester residence as they had cameras out front.
Jason BALLENSKI drove his car straight at Manchester and tried to run over Mr Manchester from behind on a local street. Hitting Mr Manchester on his arm. 
Many Witnesses took video and photos. Jason Ballenski Then jumped out of his car and kicked Manchester several times In the head, back, stomach. There are photos of JASON BALLENSKI beating Alex unconscious in broad daylight. 
Mr Manchester who was left unconcious on the ground from Being hit by Jason BALLENSKIS and his car. witnesses had to tell Jason BALLENSKI to get off of Mr Manchester he was still kicking him.
As Manchester was left unconscious. The Ambulance came and took Manchester to the Hospitol. Jason BALLENSKI took off in his car to his home where Several police came to arrest him twice Jason BALLENSKI was HIDEING. The front office Manager Coralynn Pena ( UNION APARTMENTS) had several police vehicles at her office telling her about BALLENSKIS serious violent attack on Mr Manchester. 
Several Police were asking Coralynn Penya where BALLENSKI was. Jason Ballenski had been stalking the Duke for Months, taking photos of him and standing outside behind bushes with a gun. And on sidewalk waiting for Manchester daily.
Cora LYNN Pena manager at UNION protected Balkenski.
Coralynn told the Management team a very different story and gave Jason BALLENSKI a nice apartment breaking her own Serious NON Violence rules written in the Management residence leases for all residence safety.
Cora LYNN Pena has Jason Ballenski on her property today leaving all the other residence in danger as of today Jason Ballinski parks his car in a garage and lives on the same property. After this attack, Manchester had to get away from this violent jason BALLENSKI. The Duke of Manchester went to visit a friend in Las Vegas to get away from this odd dangerous and insane neighbor. 
Mr Manchester has a severe head injury and simply went into the wrong house a few doors down. The homes in most neighborhoods in Las Vegas all Can look basically the same all beige stucco. 
Mr Manchester is under Victims relief fund. This is a very serious matter.