Monday, February 15, 2016

Trustees in 1953 ILLEGALLY changed the Trust to the Eleventh Dukes of Manchester's name so they could financially live freely off our FAMILY TRUST FOR CENTURIES! They took the Duke and Duchess and his Children OUT of there own trust completely. They put there names on the TRUST and they had ZERO cares in the world, They had NO FEARS OF PROSECUTION what so ever. These documents changed the future of The hard working Manchester family as these changes have the bank and Trustees BILLIONS. They got rid of the Duchess and the children completely and decided to give The Dukes a few thousand bucks. They PAY THE BRITISH PRESS cash to print ALL THE LIES YOU READ. It's ALL LIES. Ashley and Alexander the Dukes Children have nothing. The Trustees and Bankers changed the trust behind the Dukes and Duchess backs illegal signatures and REFUSAL OF DOCUMENTS OF PROOF OF SERVICE. MANY TIMES THEY REFUSE A PROPER WITNESS OF THE COURTS. Many documents are notarized by themselves or a EXPIRED NOTARY. They REFUSED THE 13th Duke all documents all Trustees REFUSE UPDATED ACCOUNTING OR TAX ACCOUNTING. USEING A DEAD MANS NAME ( The Eleventh Duke of Manchester) and other names is brilliant! THE FACT IS THE TRUST IS TO CHANGE INTO EACH DUKES NAME UPON BECOMING THE NEXT DUKE OF MANCHESTER.THE ORIGINAL INSTRUMENT WAS NOT FOR BANKERS AND SUPER LAWYERS TO ILLEGALLY CHANGE TO TREAT THEMSELVES AS THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF MANCHESTER. The trustees ALL OF THEM TOOK THE DUKES AND DUCHESS OUT OF THE TRUST BY THE RESETTLEMENT TRUST IN 1950, They have changed it without HEIRS INVOLVED OR ANYONE ELSE EXCEPT THEMSELVES IN VIP MEETINGS. AFTER EACH DUKE AND DUCHESS DIES THEY AGAIN USE THE DEADS NAME TO CONTINUE THERE GREAT FINANCIAL FRAUD AND LIQUIDATION OF THE GREAT MANCHESTER FAMILY. Who ever is involved with them in any way will be prosecuted to the fullest. There is allot More!! This is how SMALL MEN and Women MAKE MONEY there COLLEGE DEGREES DIDN'T TEACH THEM ANYTHING. If ANY OF THEM really went to College.