Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Thomas Gilcrist Jr and The young viscount Sidney ARTHUR ROBIN GEORGE MONTAGU the Tenth Duke of Manchester's Son did a contract between themselves in 1965, THE US TRUST and the Tenth Duke of Manchester's son SIDNEY ARTHUR ROBIN GEORGE DROGO MONTAGU THE VISCOUNT MANDEVILLE, residing in the Republic of Kenya, East Africa Refered to as the settler. This document was illegal the Tenth Duke and Duchess of Manchester were in full control of the family trust and Estates. In 1965, 1953 or all through the 1980s to 2002 OR ANY OTHER DATE it is NEVER LEGAL FOR EVEN THE DUKE OF MANCHESTER WITH NO ONE KNOWING, TO CHANGE A FAMILY WILL AND TRUST MUCH LESS WITH NO PROBATE COURTS KNEW OR ANY OTHER HEIRS WERE INFORMED TO THESE VIP MEETINGS!!! You will see a pattern in all of these illegal changing of our MANCHESTER family trust DOCS. These men and women FAIL TO CONTACT THE HEIRS IN ANY WAY. They illegally change documents to suit there PERSONAL needs at all times. The tenth Duke and Duchess of Manchester (Mandy) and NELL VERE STEAD wrote wills and trusts to FOLLOW and protect there family inheritances and Chattels. They were very proud of this fact. The TENTH Duke and Duchess of Manchester's NELL VERE STEAD AND MANDY after 50 years of Marriage and Estates worth Billions they worked hard to preserve for there future family heirs. AS OF TODAY it's being spent by strangers. The 13th Duke and his family get 3k a month they have no Estates left that the trustees tell them. The trustees and there friends and family are living in OUR Estates. They are LIQUIDATING ESTATES IN CALIFORNIA PEBBLE BEACH AND THE UK OTHER PROPERTIES ARE CASHED OUT AND POCKETED OR GIVEN AWAY to there friends. SARAH CECCONI ANOTHER HUGE STORY!!!! ALL TRUSTEES REFUSE ANY PAST OR PRESENT ACCOUNTING OR TAX ACCOUNTING 160,000 of OUR personal tax refund was stolen in 2008. With NO EXPLANATION. And again 80,000 was missing by another trustee in 2010 with no explanation. White Collar Criminals are what your looking at.