Thursday, February 4, 2016

In 2002 When the 13th Duke of Manchester became Duke all of thesepeople took another piece of our Family Trust. You see except for Emmaand Kimble Montagu. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE THERE NAMES ON OUR ACCOUNTS! Asyou can read after each trustee passes away the next trustee or Wifetakes over that MONEY account and they ALL live off of our familymoney. NONE OF THEM SHOULD BENEFIT FROM OUR TRUST. We still do not knowwhat any of them do for work, they do not have jobs. We have checked.One trustee has not worked since 1950.and of course JOSS KENT is allthrough our family trust! He's not family he was not even adopted. Henever speaks kindly of the Eleventh Duke of Manchester, married to hismother Andrea Joss, Kent, Whitehead for just seven years. They neverworked either!