Monday, February 1, 2016

In 1953 the Eleventh Duke of Manchester, Thomas GILCHRIST Jr, ALTON Peters, US TRUST, Kelly Drye Warren had ZERO rights to change the family trust or RESETTLE ANY TRUST to discretionary. This was not LEGAL! The tenth Duke and Duchess of Manchester were in full Control of the family estate. IN NO WAY did the Eleventh Duke of Manchester have any legal right he was not a DUKE YET! The Eleventh Duke was in absolutely NO position to RESETTLE ANY TRUST. This HUGE ILLEGAL DEAL MADE THESE LAWYERS AND BANKERS WEALTHY OFF THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF MANCHESTER FAMILY TRUST. They illegally distributed billions in funds to themselves and there family's the U.K. And Joss KENTS family. The trustees Cut out the ONLY TRUE HEIRS THE 13th Duke of Manchester and his family AND HIS CHILDREN. These trustees REWROTE AND PRE WROTE documents illegally. NOT GIVING THE TRUE HEIRS ANY AXCESS TO DOCUMENTS OR TIME TO CALL THERE OWN LAWYER. Or much less to refute any of these crazy decisions that have made these men BILLIONS and TODAY leave the family two thousand a month. They GIVE NOTHING TO THE DUCHESS OR THE DUKES CHILDREN ASHLEY OR ALEXANDER. Who was in these VIP Meetings!! THEY TOOK OVER THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF MANCHESTER'S FAMILY TRUST AND ESTATES AND WERE HAPPY AS THEY COULD BE THERE WAS NO ONE TO REFUTE IT!!! HOW PERFECT!! They had there own private meetings with no one there because no one who would refute there disastrous decisions knew anything!!