Monday, February 8, 2016

As you can read below, The 13th Duke of Manchester in 1992 was still asking about his inheritance from his Grandfather the Tenth Duke of Manchester, AND about the sale of the painting of Henry Vlll, TRUSTEE, Thomas Gilcrist Jr sent the Will to his mother LADY MARY MONTAGU ? Why? Please do explain why you send private information to a Mother you do not speak to or like? He was 32 years old not a child and had been on his own for years. THOMAS GILCHRIST JR HAD NO RIGHTS TO SEND THIS PRIVATE INFORMATION AND WILL TO A MOTHER WHO CLEARLY HAD NOT THE BEST INTEREST FOR HER SON. LADY MARY MONTAGU ( Geelong AUSTRALIA) AS A MOTHER KNEW HER SON ALEXANDER MONTAGU HER FIRST BORN SON WAS TO RECEIVE BILLIONS AT THE AGE OF 21 years old. HIS MOTHER Lady Mary did nothing to help her young son or get him a Lawyer as he was to receive his inheritance. SHE JUST STOOD BY AND DID DEALS BEHIND HER SONS BACK.