Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Andrea Joss, Kent, Whitehead, had two other husbands and then was married just seven years to the 11th Duke of Manchester , They had no children together NOR did the Eleventh Duke of Manchester adopt any of her Children. To this day the trustees refuse to send us any DOCUMENTS on our family trust being distributed to three other men's children and many others! The tenth Duke and Duchess of Manchester clearly set up his Will and Trust only for legal Heirs. And his grandson the 13th Duke of Manchester. This is not what any family would desire for there family trust thousands of CHATTELS AND CASH AND ART TO THREE OTHER MENS CHILDREN FROM TWO OTHER MARRIAGES, DIDN'T they pay there child support these fathers? KENT AND WHITEHEAD ARE STILL ALIVE. I GUESS WE PAID THERE CHILDRENS SCHOOLING AND FUTURE. As you can read THOMAS GILCRIST AND ALTON PETERS ILLEGALLY TOOK ACCOUNTS IN THERE NAMES AND UPON THERE DEATH THEY CALLED UPON ANOTHER TRUSTEE TO GO ALONG WITH THERE PROGRAM TO STEAL. BY THIS TIME THEY REFUSED THE ONLY HEIR THE 13th DUKE OF MANCHESTER HIS GRANDFATHERS WILL THEY HAD TAKEN HIM OUT IN A JIFFY WITH NOT A CARE IN THE WORLD. The 13th Duke to this day is REFUSED ALL DOCUMENTS AS YOU WILL READ THROUGH ALL THE 13th DUKES MANY LETTERS AND PHONE CALLS FROM THE TIME HE WAS TO RECEIVE HIS GRANDFATHERS WILL AND ESTATE AT 21 years old ON DECEMBER 11, 1993 he was then a Young VISCOUNT, THE TRUSTEES REFUSED ANY HELP TO HIM AS THE ONLY HEIR AT 21. His TRUSTEES REFUSED THE YOUNG ONLY HEIR HIS GRANDFATHERS WILL. THE TRUSTEES NEVER MET THE YOUNG ALEXANDER MONTAGU OR INVITED HIM TO ANY VIP MEETINGS AT ANY TIME. Today it remains exactly the same they BULLY the true heirs and let the NON HEIRS REMAIN FRIENDLY AS LONG AS THERE OK WITH ALL THE FRAUD THEY GET PAID TO BE A BENEFICIARY IF YOU KEEP QUIET. AS YOU CAN SEE JOSS KENT, SAMANTHA DENNIS, GUY WHITEHEAD, NEVER MENTION THERE BENEFACTOR THE 11th DUKE OF MANCHESTER FAMILY TRUST. Must be nice to get millions from a family you never met!!!! Once AGAIN THE 13th DUKE RECEIVES 3k A MONTH FROM HIS BILLION DOLLAR FAMILY ESTATE THAT WAS ILLEGALLY DISRUPTED TO STRANGERS AND HIS CHILDREN OR THE DUCHESS OF MANCHESTER HAVE ZERO!! Great lawyers and bankers??? NO