Friday, January 29, 2016

Us Trust Alton Peters, Thomas Gilcrist ILLEGALLY put the entire trust in the Eleventh Dukes name without notice the Heirs. THEN US TRUST KELLY DRYE both but a SWIFT time limit on Amending the family Trust. AS IN IS TRUSTS favor to extort BILLIONS for almost a Century now. THE ELEVENTH DUKE OF MANCHESTER WAS LEFT OUT OF THE TENTH DUKE OF MANCHESTER'S WILL FOR GOOD REASON. The 13th Duke is the Head of the family as you can see THE TRUSTEES REFUSE to send ANY real documents backing up any of this letter ( THEY REFUSE ALL SOILD DOCUMENTS) And instead narrate there supposed reason with NOTHING to back it up. IN 1993 The young 21 year old Alexander Montagu as this document reads was in jail the TRUSTEES pick this time to CHANGE THE TRUST TO THE ELEVENTH DUKES NAME ILLEGALLY. This was when the 21 year old Heir Alexander Montagu was to receive his Grandfather The tenth Duke of Manchester's Estate left only to him. The trust as you can see was illegally and QUICKLY put in the Eleventh Dukes name so they all could have a LONG LIFE OF freeloading off of our family trust, They still are today as the trustees DO NOT WORK!! Today they REFUSE ANY ACCOUNTING AND SEND A INVESTMENT ACCOUNT BALANCE SHEET STATING THAT ITS ACCOUNTING! By the way the eleventh Duke of Manchester never worked a day in his life. LOTS OF CASH was given to JOSS KENT and his Daddy for there SAFARI COMPANY. AND ANDREA JOSS, KENT, WHITEHEADS EXTENDED FAMILY AND CHILDREN, pretty good for a woman who was only married to the eleventh Duke Of Manchester for 7 Years with NO CHILDREN WITH HIM. Must be nice to get MILLIONS FROM A ESTATE FROM PEOPLE YOU NEVER MET. You can see THE JOSS KENT FAMILY never mentions there BENEFACTORS YOU CAN THANK THE 13th DUKES CHILDREN THEY HAVE ZERO FROM ANY OF YOU. THE 13th DUKE PAYS FOR HIS CHILDREN OUT OF HIS SALARY. THE YOUNG ALEXANDER MONTAGU now the 13th Duke of Manchester was NEVER SENT ANY DOCUMENTS EVER BY THE TRUST NOR DID HIS TRUSTEE LAWYERS PROTECT HIM IN ANY WAY!!' They DID HOWEVER PROTECT THE ELEVENTH DUKE OF MANCHESTER WITH MANY LAWYERS, THAT OF COURSE IS WHEN THEY ALL TOOK A PIECE OF OUR FAMILY AND THE CASTLES.