Sunday, January 3, 2016

Trustees all stealing the 13th Duke of Manchester's Estate Look at one trustees of another trustees WILL? Boy is that telling! OF Course our NON family member JOSS KENT!!! WTH HES NOT A LEGAL HEIR!!!!!And of course IAN COGRINGTON THE EXECUTOR of the 12th Duke of Manchester's Estate. AND NELL VERE STEADS , IAN CODRINGTON IS ALSO THE TRUSTEE WHO GIVES THE GREAT MARCUSSCRIVEN HIS BS JUNK AND LIES FIR HUS ARTICLES AND BOOK. IAN COGRINGTONIS A NOTARY, How convenient!!!!! He's not educated as a Trust Lawyer.BUT HE ALSO RETIRED AFTER SELLING THE 12th Dukes antiquities, jewels ,cars, Art, Books, priceless China and Silver. And more. The 13th Dukeof Manchester became Duke in 2002 upon his fathers death. The 13th Dukereceived ZERO from his fathers Estate. They left NOTHING for the 13thDukes children. Today they give the 13th Dukes children ZERO and gave astranger JOSS KENT millions. Joss KENTS family had nothing until theMANCHESTER FUNNEL OF CASH CAME TO HIM AND HIS FAMILY Safari.