Sunday, January 24, 2016

This VERY Important document, sent by the now 13th Duke of Manchester's trustee is so full of lies. The 21 year old Alexander asked where the ACCOUNTING SENT TO HIM WAS? To What Address these VIP documents were sent that changed the course of his family's future And Gave BILLIONS to bankers. Lawyers, and strangers family members. This was also the same time MARION STONER was claiming her FAKE marriage to the 21 year old Viscount Alexander Montagu. The trustees know the 21 year old Viscount is Dyslexic.ALL OUR TRUSTEES flip like fish saying they are his Lawyers then saying they are not his lawyers. WHEN IN FACT they are put in place as trustees and LAWYERS to protect the HEIRS. When in FACT they have ALL FAILED MISERABLY. They also are one minute a US TRUST TRUSTEE to then a KELLY DRYE WARREN LAWYER. They have NEVER SENT ACCOUNTING WE ASK FOR OR ANYTHING CONFIRMING THIS DOCUMENT EVER ALL LIES 247. Or they just refuse to answer the phone or any question that confirms ANYTHING. KIMBLE MONTGU the 13th Duke of Manchester's estranged younger brother who is not a friend of any sort, Kimble Montagu signing any documents pertaining to the Manchester Trust or any other business with the family estate will be void. AGAIN THE TRUSTEES NEVER SEND THE ORIGINAL INSTRUMENT THEY JUST MOUTH PEICE A LETTER. As You can see as we ask for original documents of proof they refuse is any documentation. As of today this behavior REPEATS ITSELF.