Wednesday, January 6, 2016

ANY Signatures, done by The 13th Duke of Manchester are VOID.This also goes for the Gold B, They are all owned by The Duke of Manchester not the trustees. Unless the Duke and Duchess are at the Meetings with lawyers and photo. All signatures the US Trust Company, KELLY Dry Warren, Vance lickfold, Ian Cogrington,The Surrogate's Court of New York, And many more! ANYONE SELLING OUR ART, Precious Jewels, Estates, Priceless Documents, Priceless Art, They will be Prosecuted to the fullest. ANYONE going into the Victoria and Albert Museum selling our jewels pocketing the funds will be prosecuted. Anyone LIVING IN OUR PROPERTIES WILL ALSO PROSECUTED. The 13th Duke of Manchester did not signature to have his family Estate and Trust go to trustees and there wife's. Joss Kent, Samantha DENNIS, Guy Whitehead. And Many Many other STRANGERS names for now will be saved for the public. The trust being changed to Discretionary is Illegal, done behind the true Heirs back. In 2002 ALL decisions by all trustees will be VOID the 13th Duke was not in these meetings or was he invited in NYC, ENGLAND, KENYA, Italy, PEBBLE. BEACH CA. The 13th Duke did not ever want strangers living off his family's Estate his forefathers and the Duchess worked so hard to keep there family Estate safe for Centuries to come. The Eleventh Duke is dead now why is the trust STILL IN HIS NAME. We Want the 13th Dukes will and trust now. It was to transfer to the next Duke NOT JOSS KENT OR HIS FAMILY. We want all accounting for This. And the accounting from the supposed sale of KIMBOLTON Castle and its contents worth Billions, ORDERED BY OF COURSE THE GREAT TRUSTED TRUSTEE THOMAS J GILCHRIST AND ALTON PETERS!