Friday, January 29, 2016

ON DECEMBER 11th 1983 the young heir now the 13th Duke of Manchester turned 21. HIS TRUSTEES ALTON PETERS AND THOMAS GILCRIST NEVER HELPED THERE YOUNG HEIR GET HIS GRANDFATHER THE TENTH DUKE OF MANCHESTER'S ESTATE AND PROPERTY LEFT TO HIM. The trustees REFUSED DOCUMENTS AND NEVER EVER SENT THE WILL OR TRUST TO THE YOUNG 21 YEAR OLD HEIR. WHAT ALTON PETERS DID WAS REFUSED THE HEIR HIS ESTATE. INSTEAD HE QUICKLY CHANGED THE WILL AND TRUST TO SUIT THERE FINANCIAL NEEDS AND USED THE ELEVENTH DUKE OF MANCHESTER'S NAME AS THE SETTLER NOW FOR A CENTURY. As THE 11th Duke had ZERO rights to change any trust. AS you can read this trust document they claim the young heir gives up his estate and his rights. Alton Peters at this time became the a decorated member of English Speaking Union? WHY WOULD ALTON PETERS OUR TRUSTEE BECOME A DECORATED MEMBER OF THE ENGLISH SPEAKING UNION, he's a New Yorker! THE TENTH DUKE OF MANCHESTER ( Mandy) WAS THE PRESIDENT OF ENGLISH SPEAKING UNION. Alton Peters was a New Yorker and A partner at KELLY Drye Warren and Our TRUSTEE SINCE 1950 As you can see in all documents, He also staunchly supported the English-Speaking Union and other groups that fostered relations between England and the United States, and in 1982 was made an officer in the Order of the British Empire. The tenth Duke of Manchester was the president of the English speaking Union. Mr Peters must have done some good DEALS with England to get such a Honor. OUR TRUSTEE WHO REFUSED THE TRUE HEIRS ANYTHING. KYLEMORE Abbey and Kimbolton thanks you!