Friday, January 29, 2016

FISHER MONTAGU CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS. Of course they refused AGAIN ALEXANDER MONTAGU ANY REAL DOCUMENTS JUST RAMBLING EXPLANATIONS. AND NO ACCOUNTING!!!!! Unbelievable!!! As Michael Fisher our Accountant explains how AFTER ANDREA JOSS KENT DIED, our trust was changed to Discretionary!! Not only in other country's BUT IN EVERY COUNTRY? Again as you can see THEY REFUSE THE HEIRS ANY REAL DOCUMENTS. Just more BABBLE. Then as you can see SUZANNE FISHER WAS ALSO MADE A BENEFICIARY IN 2003 to our trust!! So our trustees and there wives all have there HANDS in our family trust. ANDREA JOSS KENTS CHILDREN FROM THREE DIFFERENT HUSBANDS WE HAVE FINANCED FOR YEARS!!! While the 13th DUKE AND DUCHESS AND HIS CHILDREN HAVE NOTHING.