Sunday, November 1, 2015

MARION STONER BIGAMIST FRAUD CASE! In 1984, THE FAKE MARRIAGE PERPETRATED BY MARION J STONER LASTED LESS THAN TWO MONTHS (3-17-1984 TO (5-21-1984).The 21 year old Alexander Montagu, in 1984 was the Viscount and next in line to be the Duke of Manchester, ALSO AT 21 YEARS OLD WAS TO INHERIT ANY DAY HIS GRANDFATHER THE TENTH DUKE OF MANCHESTERS ESTATE WORTH BILLIONS, The Young Viscount IN 1984 was very much with Sonya Panoff everyone knew this everyone in his life had met Ms. Panoff. STRANGE not one person had met or ever heard of the Great fraud WIFE (MARION J STONER) No One had ever seen or met Marion Stoner. Marion stoner was 12 years older than the young Viscount, Marion Stoner had two kids from a man named Con Sorensen, MARION STONERS X HUSBAND? Or current husband. Marion Stoner lies so much were never sure. But in the Article belowMarion Stoner states she was married before, BUT on the marriage docs MARION STONER said she was never married. BIGAMIST MARION STONERS MARRIAGE WAS LESS THAN TWO MONTHS IT WAS DISSOLVED RIGHT AWAY BY THOMAS J ERICKSON A LOCAL AUSTRALIAN, BAD BAD BOY

This article below, Marion Stoner at 46 tells the press that she was a model of course! And she was married before her young Viscount husband. Marion Stoner agrees she was only married less than two months and never lived with the Viscount. Marion states she can't find her young husband! BUT MARION MUST KNOW THIS FAMILY THE DUKE AND FAMILY WERE IN THE PRESS EVERY WEEK!!!  Marion Stoner stating she couldn't find her young husband but Marion Stoner Ciuld have just contacted his lawyer as she stated she knew in Melbourne! Marion Stoner your a FRAUD AND YOUR BUSTED!  YOUR HOAX AND MONEY DAYS ARE OVER. Tell OUR TRUST TO STOP PAYING YOU AND GO GET A JOB. Your fake marriage to the young viscount was A HUGE SCAM!!