Monday, September 21, 2015

Lady Angus Montagu, does not have any relationship with her son and never has. The 13th Duke of Manchester or his brother or Mother had any relationship there are NO family photos. Lady Mary Angus the 13th Dukes mother of Geelong Australia did however REOPEN THE FAKE MARRIAGE IN 1996, To gain control for the Dukedom and destroy the future of grandchildren's future in California and the change the future dukedom for her other beloved son Kimble. The Dukedom Worth Billions. Lady Mary Angus Montagu in 1996 as you can read below was the Transcript officer!! In her 21 year old sons fake marriage her and Marion Stoner THOMAS ERICKSON AND OTHERS PLANNED IT had ALREADY been DISSOLVED IN 1984. This case was reopened by the 13th Dukes Mother, Lady Mary Montagu to gain control of the Dukedom and Moneys and secure her other son Kimble's future. Many others were VERY involved in this horrible scheme the 13th Duke at 21 was to receive his grandfathers entire inheritance. This FAKE MARION STONER MARRIAGE WAS A HOAX SO MANY PEOPLE COULD GET THERE HANDS ON THE YOUNG VISCOUNTS INHERITANCE. THE SIGNATURES AND ADDRESS ON THIS DOCUMENT ARE FALSE.