Saturday, February 7, 2015

The 13th Duke of Manchester was told at the very last minute about this very serious BIGIMIST decision made by the trustees. Many emails were sent asking what day the court day was they refused the 13th Duke information. When asked for court Transcripts on this case they denied him his transcripts. His Brother kimbol as a witness is a joke they never knew each other. DNA needs to be done on the family Kimbols father the Angus Montagu the 12th Duke of Manchester was long out of the country there's no way he was conceived by Mary Montagu Angus Montagu the 12th Duke of Manchester were separated long before. No photos or articles about there birth. Only the 13th Dukes birth was announced.

Marion Stoner, Several court Transcript, The then 20 year old Duke was never in court EVER!
The 20 Year old Duke Alex never married the very married Marion stoner with three kids. 
There was no SPEARGUN INCIDENT , AND the only witness a police officer never showed in court as the Judge the entire case was along for the Duke viscount Alex's, Lawyer and why his lawyer wasn't in court, and or then the judge asked finally if the doctor could appear?  The Judge was really wanting either the young Duke or anyone! 
If any of you journalists had read the Documents before you printed your story's, 
The Speargun as Judge and Marion's lawyer lawyer states very clearly never happened. 
In the court transcripts the Judge asks for the young Duke or his lawyer to be in court. 
NO one knows where the Dukes Lawyer is and his lawyer never shows. Marion stoners mother is the only person in court, As the Judge keeps asking for the Duke or his lawyer several times. Marion Stoner lies again and states she dosnt know where her husband is. Then she states he was in the HOSPITOL but when the judge asks for the doctor to appear in court, Marion Stoners lawyer nor Marion stoner can come up with any answers. Or any information. 
The judge states she can't grant anything against a man who's not EVER in court or has no one in representation for him. The 20 year old Viscount was set up Marion stoner needed money lady mary Montagu gave her cash.  Lady Mary said in a Email
 to her son and several others it's all available.