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68 Will and Codicil of Consuelo,Dowager, Duchess of Manchester

68 Will and Codicil of Consuelo,Dowager,  Duchess of Manchester
free of all duties and deductions and the same with any duties payable thereon are to he paid out of my personal estate namely To my cousin Maria Marquesa d'Argudin the daughter of my late Cousin Julia del Valle £2,000 To the issue living at my death of my late Cousin Modesto Yznaga £1,000 and if more than one in equal shares To Dr. Edward Doury £100 To my coachman Thomas Penfold £100 To my butler William Money £100 To my housekeeper Amelia Rawlings £100 To each indoor servant of mine other than the said Thomas Penfold William Money and Amelia Rawlings who shall he in my service at my death and shall have been not less than two years in such service a sum equal to one year's wages in addition to any wages owing to them respectively at my death To nurse
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Margaret Dingwall £100 To Mr. Alexander McDonnell £200 To (he National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children now having its central office at Leicester Square London W.C. £1,000 and the receipt of the treasurer or other proper *>0 officer of the said society shall be a fulland sufficient discharge for the said legacy.
.">. I bequeath all my wearing apparel (other than laces and furs) to my sister Emilie Yznaga to be distributed by her as she shall in her discretion think fit.
0. I »ive all the oil and other portraits paintings pictures and busts of nie or of my late daughters (other than the portraits pictures and busts mentioned in the First Schedule hereto) and all such plate of mine as formerly belonged to my mother to my general trustees to be held VvosTkist to permit such person being either my son
Will and Codicil of Consuclo, Doxoagcr Duchess of 61 Manchester
William Angus Drogo now Duke of Manchester or such issue of his as shall he Duke of Manchester at my death to have the use and enjoyment thereof during his life And after his death Upon Trust for the person being issue of my said son who upon such death shall become Duke of Manchester absolutely but if such last-mentioned person shall be born in my lifetime then such person is to have the use and enjoyment thereof only during his life and fi0 after his death the same are to be held In Trust for theperson being issue of my said son who upon such death shall become Dukeof Manchester absolutely.
7. I give and bequeath all the jewels and other the articles specified in thesaid First Schedule hereto to my general trustees Upon Trust to permit thewife for the time being of my son William Angus Drogo Duke of Manchester to have the use and enjoyment thereof during her marriage with my said son And subject thereto my general trustees shall hold thesame Upon trust for such gy person other than my said son who being issue of my body shall from time to time have inherited and be actually entitled to the title and diguity of Duke of Manchester but so nevertheless that no person who shall be in the enjoyment of the said title and dignity shall be entitled to a greater interest in the said jewels and other articles than a life interest therein until the expiration of twenty-one years after the decease ofthe survivor of all persons living at my death who by possibility may succeed to the said title and dignity and I direct that the said jewels andother articles shall vest absolutely in such person as being issue of my body shall at the expiration of twenty-one years after the decease of
64 Will and Codicil of Consuelo, Dowager Duchess of
all persons living at my death who by possibility • may succeed to the said title and dignity be in the enjoyment of such title and dignity and that in case of the failure of issue of my body capable of inheriting the said titleand dignity before the period hereinbefore prescribed for the absolute vesting of the said jewels and other articles the same shall go to andabsolutely vest in the person who being issue of my body shall last have enjoyed the said title and dignity Provided always that if at the time of such failure of issue as aforesaid there shall be in existence a daughter or daughters of my said son then my general trustees shall hold the same uponthe following trusts that is to say Upon Trust for the daughters of my said son on their respectively attaining the age of eighteen years to be divided so far as possible equally between them if more than one Provided alwaysand I direct my general trustees for so long after my death as there shall be no person entitled as aforesaid to my said jewels and other articles to retain Go' the same at a bank or other place of safe deposit and to pay out of theincome of my general estate all sums (if any) which may be necessary forsuch deposit and safe custody And in the event of the failure of all andevery such trusts as aforesaid relating to my said jewels and other such articles as aforesaid then I direct that the same shall fall into and form part of my ultimate residuary estate Provided further and I expressly declare that during the continuance of the marriage of my said son and his present wife Helena Duchess of Manchester my general trustees shall only permitthe said Helena Duchess of Manchester to have such use enjoyment andcustody as well of the said jewels aim
Will and Codicil of Consuclo, Dowager Duchess of 67 Manchester
other articles as of the necklace of oriental pearls for so long as she shall be living with my said son and upon and subject to the condition that she shall immediately upon becoming entitled to such use enjoyment and custody effect an insurance of the same to the full value thereof in some insurance office of repute to be approved of by my general trustees against loss or damage by burglary fire traveling and all other casualties in the United Kingdom in such name or names as my general 68 trustees shall determine or approve And upon and subject to the further condition that the said Helena Duchess of Manchester shall not remove the said jewels and other articles or the said necklace of oriental pearls or any of them from theUnited Kingdom without previously effecting a further insurance of thesame to the full value thereof in some office of repute to be approved of by my general trustees against loss or damage by burglary fire travelling andall other casualties outside the United Kingdom in such name or names as my general trustees shall determine or approve gg And upon and subject tothe further condition that the said Helena Duchess of Manchester shall dulyand punctually pay the annual preminm or preminms or other sum or sums of money (if any) necessary for keeping on foot the said original policy or policies and any substituted policy or policies when the same shall become due and shall forthwith deliver the receipt for every such payment to my general trustees And if the said Helena Duchess of Manchester shall at any time neglect or refuse to make the payments aforesaid or any of them my general trustees shall thereupon and thereafter hold the said jewels andother such articles as
7O Will and Codicil of Vonsuelo, Do-wager Duchess of
aforesaid upon trust for the person or persons who would be entitled thereto or to the use and enjoyment thereof by virtue of the trusts herein declared and contained concerning the same if the said Helena Duchess of Manchester were then dead.
8. I give and bequeath the following articles free of duty that is to say To my sister Nation Lady Lister-Kaye my necklace of small pearls with diamond and pearl tassels To Louise Fredericks Auguste Duchess of Devonshire my ruby and diamond tassel and to my said sister Emilie Yznagn my diamond crescent brooch and my four landscape paintings by Pilment.
9. 1 give and bequeath the jewels and other articles specified in theSecond Schedule hereto and also all such of my jewels trinkets watches ami personal ornaments not otherwise hereby specifically bequeathed to my general trustees Upon Trust to permit my said sister Nation Lady ListerKaye to select free of duty out of the same (other than the jewels andother articles specified in the Second Schedule hereto) such trinkets as she shall within three calendar months from my death choose to select for thepurpose of giving a souvenir to each of my friends hereinafter named that is to say Adela Lady Essex Miss Marie Rlaufuss The Honourable Mrs. George Keppel Mrs. Harry Hollins Madame von Andre Mr. Van Alen and the said Alexander McDonnell and subject thereto Upon Trust to dividethe same so far as possible equally between ami amongst such of theyounger children (as hereinafter in this my Will defined) of my said son oiher than and except his eldest daughter Lady Mary Alice Montagu andother than and except the
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