Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery, we need to read each duke and duchess of Manchester's Will

Lancaster, York, Surrey, Warwick, and Stafford, or elsewhere inEngland, in possession, reversion, or remainder, to Duke John for life, subject to the condition therein-after mentioned, with remainder to Lord Montague for life, with remainder to the first and other sons of Lord Montague in tail male, with remainder tothe second and other sons of Duke John in tail male, with remainder to the daughters of Duk« John in tail, as tenants in common, with cross remainders, with remainder to the heirs at lawof Duke Ralph. He than gave the residue of his personal estate to LordHalifax, Lord Somers, Edmund Dummer, and Thomas Dummer, in trust forthe sole use of his son Duke John, in case he should live to 22; and appointed them executors till his son should attain 22; and after his attaining that age, he made his son Duke John sole executor, but in case his son should die before 22, then his executors were to remain executors in trust, to lay out his personal estate in land, and settle the same to the uses he had devised his real estates. He then devises an exchequer annuity of1,000/. a-year, which was granted for a term of years, to his grandson LordMontague, for so many years as he should live, and after his death, in trust for such person as, at the time of Lord Montague's death, should be heir male of Lord Montague's body, to take lands of inheritance from him by course of descent, for the residue of the term; and in case there should beno such heir male, then in trust for such person as should be heir male ofthe body of Duke John, to take lands by course of descent, for the residueof the term; and in case there should be no such person as should be such heir male, then in trust for Duke John for life, with remainder to such person and persons as should be entitled, by virtue of his said will, to therents, issues, and profits of the real estates thereby devised; provided, and he declares, that all the estates and trusts before devised to or in trust for his son Duke John, were upon the condition and limitation following, that is, in case his son should, within 12 calendar months next after hisdecease, if he should then be of the age of 21, or otherwise within 12months after he should attain 21, suffer recover?/ of the Warwickshireestate; and should within three months after, declare the use to himself forlife, with remainder to trustees to preserve contingent remaiders, withremainder to Lord Montague, and his issue male, in strict settlement, with remainder to the other sons of Duke John in tail male, with remainder to such uses as he had devised his real estate; *but if he should neglect orrefuse to suffer such recovery, and declare such uses, within such time, andin such manner as aforesaid, then he declared, that the gift or devise of hisreal estate to his son Duke John, should cease and be void, and should goover, according to the limitations thereof therein before made, as if his son was really dead; and the residue of his personal estate, therein before given to his executors, in trust, should be sold by his executors, as if his son had died under 22; and the money laid out and settled as before directed, omitting the use and estate&