Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Thomas Gilchrist and Alton Peters refused to educate the Duke of Manchester' Gilchrist was SHIRLEY TEMPLE BLACKS trustee and Jane Russell, The BOOK. WAS CALLED, My Little Darlings! A must READ! This is also where the TENTH DUKES OF MANCHESTER'S PROPERTY'S WENT MISSING.? There being uploaded to a website right now. There are thousands of property's.. We are not sure who lives in all the property's in Italy possibly.... SC. THEY Also Sold A Painting of Henry the Eighth and The Duke of Manchester sitting at Kimbolton Castle, I wonder who got the Cash for that priceless painting. We have all the documents and proof if anyone wants to see any paperwork. There is to be no sales of anything of the Duke and Duchess of Manchester's without our concent. No Jewelry sales should have been done the jewels were to stay with the Duke and Duchess for there lifetime. NO trustee is to sell anything.


Nos. C-800111 and C-800344.

Court of Appeals of Ohio, Hamilton County.

Decided October 7, 1981.

Strauss, Troy & Ruehlmann Co., L.P.A., Mr. Samuel M. Allen and Mr. Richard Boydston, for appellant Trustees of Episcopal Diocese.
Messrs. Kohnen & Kohnen, Mr. Ralph B. Kohnen, Jr., and Mr. Roger W. Healey, for appellee Fifth Third Bank, trustee of testamentary trust of Eugene Zimmerman.
Messrs. Frost & Jacobs, Mr. T. Stephen Phillips and Mr. Larry H. McMillin, for appellee Sidney Arthur Robin George Drogo Montagu, Eleventh Duke of Manchester.
Messrs. Taft, Stettinius & Hollister, Ms. Cynthia F. Blank and Mr. Daniel J. Hoffheimer, for appellees and cross-appellants United States Trust Company of New York, Alton E. Peters and Thomas B. Gilchrist, Jr., executors of the Will of Alexander George Francis Drogo Montagu, Tenth Duke of Manchester. 

Mr Eugene Zimmerman, The tenth Duke of Manchester, Consuelo, Duchess of Manchester would be 
incensed by these court cases. Leaving there family Heirs and Each Duke and Duchess without.
God will replace all that was undone.