Saturday, July 26, 2014

Marcus Scriven printed to the world, and others, PRINTED THAT THE DUKE WAS a dead beat DAD AND X WIFE WENDY MONTAGU BUFORDS read below DEPARTMENT OF CHILD SUPPORT SERVICES CLOSED there account in 2013, because WENDY BUFORD MONTAGU would not tell the truth. below are the DUKES PAYMENTS, FOR WENDY AND THE CHILDREN never ever STOPPED! lies again POSTED by wendy montagu Buford, and no FACT CHECKING. We have the payment schedule. THE dukes payments never stopped. Journalist OC NEWS ALSO PRINTED EVERYTHING, WENDY BUFORD SAID with no fact checking! WENDY BUFORD MONTAGU WAS DROPPED BY CHILD SERVICES LAST YEAR FOR NON- COOPERATION MEANING SHE WAS LIEING TO THE STATE. All documents are available.