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100Saunders — Portrait of William, 5th Duke of Manchester, wearing green jacket, linen jabot, curtain background, 25in. by 20in.
101Jansen — Portrait of Francis St. John, son of Oliver St. John, wearing dark coat, embroidered, with lawn collar, brown flowing hair, oval, 27in. by 22in.
102Jansen — Bust portrait of King James 1., painted in an oval, profile left, carved gilt frame, 28in. by 23in.
103Raeburn — Portrait of Alexander, 4th Duke of Gordon, in military uniform, half-length, 36in. by 28in.
Exhibited National Portrait Exhibition 1868
104Gilbert Stuart — Portrait of Gen. Boyd, wearing dark coat and linen jabot, half-length, panel, oval, 28in. by 23in.
105Molinaer — Landscape, with river, cottages and figures, an inn to the left, and the companion picture, River view, with avenue of trees, figures, etc., panels, 24in. by 40in., a pair
106Jordaens — Bust portrait of a bearded man, wearing dark coat and linen collar, right hand across chest, panel, 222in. by 17in.
107Ricci — A Roman triumph, with Consul and numerous figures, carved gilt frame, 24in. by 16in.
108Barrocio — Hagar and Ishmael in garden, carved acanthus frame, 20in. by 16in.
109Rottenhamer (1564-1606) — St. Katherine and St. Agnes, painted within oval floral borders, 25in. by 20in., pierced and carved gilt frames, a pair
110Carlo Dolci — Ecce Homo, panel, 20in. by 16in., in Florentine carved gilt frame
111Early Italian School — A half-length portrait of a cleric wearing dark cloak and linen collar and apron, curtain background, on copper, 18in. by 12in., carved gilt frame
112Flemish School, 16th Century — Portrait of Catherine Russell, Lady Brooke, wearing dark head-dress, with linen collar and posy of flowers, panel, 15in. by 11in.
113Kneller — Portrait, full-length, of Anne, Countess of Suffolk, daughter of Robert, Earl of Manchester, 16in. by 11in.
114Ferrato — Madonna and Child, panel, 20in. by 15in., carved gilt frame
115Russell — Portrait of Lady Kingston, with curled hair, in white bodice, wearing pearl earrings and necklace, panel, 15in. by 12in., carved gilt frame
116Russell — Bust portraits of Charles I. and Queen Henrietta Maria, panels, 14in. by 12in., in carved gilt frames
117Russell — Bust portrait of Algernon Percy, Earl of Northumberland, Lord High Admiral, 1640, panel, 15in. by 12in., carved gilt frame
118Russell — Bust portrait of Henry, Earl of Holland, wearing breast-plate and sash, panel, 15in. by 12in., carved gilt frame
119Russell — Bust portrait of a gentleman, brown flowing hair, lawn collar, panel, 15in. by 12in., carved gilt frame
120Buck — Portrait of a gentleman and child, in landscape, stream at distance, water-colour drawing, 18in. by 13in., glazed
121Ed. Hopley, 1851 — A wood nymph reclining, oval, in landscape, 6in. by 9in., glazed
122Bernadino Luini — A sibyl, bust portrait, panel, 14in. by 12in.
123Van Dyck School — Portrait of group of two ladies, one in red dress, and one in cream dress, panel, 8in. by 9_in., carved gilt frame
124Sir Thos. Lawrence — Portrait study of Duchess of Manchester, head and shoulders, coloured chalks, 16in. by 10in.
125John Sargent, R.A. — Portrait of a lady, head and shoulders, charcoal drawing, 24in. by 18in.
126English School, 18th Century — Bust portrait of a man in armour, brown hair, panel, 28in. by 24in.
127Pickersgill — Portrait of a young lady, holding book, lace collar, curled hair, 29in. by 24in.
128Henry Bambrick — Copy of a portrait of "Col. William Southwell, 1676," 30in. by 24in.
129Shayer — Figures and horses in landscape, with dead game, 24in. by 41in.
130C. Doyster, 1872, after Soldi — A Venetian lady, 39in. by 30in.
131A painting — Christ on the Cross, another, A Country Mansion, and another, panel, Male portrait in Tudor Costume 3
132English School — Portrait of a man with brown flowing hair and linen collar, 30in. by 24in., and another, Susanah and the Elders, 50in. by 40in.
133Lely School — Portrait of lady in green dress, holding veil, 30in. by 25in.
134G. Jekyll, 1865 — "Jehu," a chariot driver, with two horses, 28in. by 22in.
135J. Swinton, 1852 — Portrait of Viscountess Mandeville, Louise, wife of the 7th Duke of Manchester, crayon, oval, 30in. by 25in.
136Thirty small etchings after Millais, Hook, etc., in two frames, glazed
Exhibited International Exhibition, 1862 — The Etching Club
137L. Desanges, 1872 — Two young ladies (Louise, Duchess of Manchester and Lady Mary Montague), a study in crayon, 29in. by 24in.
138English School, 18th Century — Half-length portrait of gentleman with powdered hair, wearing jabot and embroidered coat, 30in. by 24in.
139Flemish School, 18th Century — Landscapes, with cattle, figures and huntsmen, in white frames, a pair, 28in. by 44in.
140Jansen — Portrait of a middle-aged lady in white-brimmed hat and Elizabethan dress, holding a book, 29in. by 24in.
141Lely School — Portrait of a lady, half-length, 34in. by 26in., and another painting of a bearded man in dark coat, 31in. by 26in.
142Wissing — Portrait of a young man, half-length, wearing brown cloak and lace jabot, oval, 228in. by 23in.
143Kneller School — Portrait of a gentleman with powdered hair, light coat and cravat, painted in an oval, 30in. by 24in.