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Helene,Duchess of Manchester's wedding, to The Duke of Manchester.

MANCHESTER IS MARRIED Wedded to Helen Zimmerman of Cincinnati 
He Was Bitterly Opposed to - the Match Neither of the Principals Obtained the Consent of Their Parents, and the Dowdger Duchess Is also.
■ I (By Associated Press.) Chicago, Nov. li>. A dispatch to the Tribune from Loncit i says: The Duke of Mancnester and Mis» Helene Zimmerman were quietly married in this city on Wednesday. Thp j announcement was authorized last night by Miss Effle Evans, an aunt of the , bride. Miss Zimmerman Is ihe daughter of Eugene Zimmerman, a Cincinnati mil- | lionaire. ' The marriage, which was an exceed- ! ingly quiet art air, was solemnized at
• Marylebone Pariah church by the resla dent canon. The Misses Evans, anuts ! of the bride, gave her away, while Erest Lambert, a wealthy young club man, and amateur actor, and Lionel 1 a son of the former lord mayor, Sl* - j George Faudel Phillips, acted as best j man. A quiet wedding breakfast fol- j I lowed. Following the wedding breakfast the duke returned to his own home in Portman square and the bride took a train to Paris to dispose of the apartment occupied during the summer. i The couple had planned to sail for ' America last Saturday and to keep the announcement secret until they reached mid-ocean. This arrangement was spoiled by the bride's delayed arrival , from Paris and, having another week to spend here, the duke telegraphed the manager of the Tanderages estate to prepare to receive himself and wife and with Miss Helena Evans, the bride's guardian, he took a train on Saturday i evening for Dublin. When Tanderages, was reached the entire neighborhood was in festival attire. This celebration i led to making public the story of th» wedding. It is said that several letters and ! ■ cablegrams had been sent to Mr. Zimmerman, the father or the young woman In ] the last fortnight by the duke and by ; Miss Zimmerman asking his consent to the marriage, but it Is unknown here 1 whether that consent was granted or not. Canon Barker Tied the Knot i i London, Nov. 19.—Canon Barker, who, officiated at the wedding, relates howMr. Lambart. one of the Duke of Manchester's supporters, when notifying | him of the duke's desire to be married, described the prospective bride as "an American heiress with ten thousand a year now and unlimited prospects, as her father Is one of the richest men in America." In reply to questions by Canon Barker, Mr. Lambart admitted that the lady's parents were not aware of the intended marriage, but, as he produced a license issued by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Canon Barker could not do I otherwise than marry the couple. 'Papa Iji Reconetled Eugene Zimmerman, vice-president of the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton railroad, and a director in several other lines, was much surprised today on ! reading the cablegrams announcing that he was the father-in-law of the Duke of Manchester. He stated that the press reports were all the Information that he had regarding the matter, and that he did not desire to talk about ttw marriage until ha waa furth- 1
er advised. He Insisted, however, that there had been many false reports about the Duke of Manchester; that the fluke had never been engaged, and that he Is not a spendthrift, | and the duke OC manchester has not been as notorious as reports would make him. He is very pleased tho see such a good man.  I Mr. Zimmerman said the fortune was I dissipated before the present duke has much in his heritage. Mr. Zimmerman I stated that he had received word that his daughter was on her way to ] America. He would attend the meeting of the directors of the Southern Railway next Tuesday, and then go to New York to await her arrival. He had only the kindest words to say of his daughter, and of whatever she may have done. The Duke of Manchester i has met Mr. Zimmerman at the seaside in this country, and is not a stranger to his wealthy father-in-law. Besides being connected with very many railroads, Mr. Zimmerman is a large stockholder in the Standard Oil company, and local concerns, and one 1 of the largest owners of coal and iron I
I ! lands in the west. While he has beer i a widower for many years, he Is knowr as a royal entertainer at his mansion on Mount Auburn. He is a widowei and very wealthy. Helene is his only child. Duchess Disappointed London, Nov. 19.—An Inspection of tht 1 register of the Marylebone parish churcl today shows that the reported marriage of the Duke of Manchester to Miss Helene Zimmerman of Cincinnati is true The ceremony occurred last Wednesday afternoon. The couple are now it Ireland. When the Dowager Duchess of Manchester was asked by a representative of the Associated Press this morning II the report of the marriage was correct she denied it absolutely, alleging thai the announcement was made at thf desire of a certain person, who devoutly hoped the ceremony would occur. She evinced extreme displeasure at the idea of her son marrying Miss Zimmerman. Subsequently the dowager duchess went to the church, Inspected the records and found, to her great sur- | prise, the marriage had occurred.
4 f j DUKE OF MANCHESTER AND HIS BRIDE —From the ChicagoAmerican