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Margaret Percy

     Margaret Percy was the daughter of Henry Algernon Percy and Catherine Spencer. Margaret Percy married Henry Clifford.

Child of Margaret Percy and Henry Clifford

Henry Clifford

      Henry Clifford was also known as Earl of Cumberland (1st). He married Margaret Percy, daughter of Henry Algernon Percy and Catherine Spencer.

Child of Henry Clifford and Margaret Percy

Philip Howard

M, b. 28 June 1557, d. 1595
      Philip Howard was also known as Earl of Arundel (attainted 1589). He was born on 28 June 1557. He was the son of Thomas Howard and Mary FitzAlan. Philip Howard marriedAnne Dacre in 1571. Philip Howard died in 1595.

Child of Philip Howard and Anne Dacre

Susan Gordon1

F, d. 26 August 1828
     Susan Gordon was the daughter of Alexander Gordon and Jane Maxwell.2 Susan Gordon married William Montagu, son of George Montagu and Elizabeth Dashwood, on 7 October 1793. Susan Gordon died on 26 August 1828.

Child of Susan Gordon and William Montagu


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George Montagu1

M, b. 9 July 1799, d. 18 August 1855
     George Montagu was the Duke of Manchester (6th). He was born on 9 July 1799 at Kimbolton Castle. He was the son of William Montagu and Susan Gordon. George Montagu married Millicent Sparrow on 8 October 1822 at London, England. George Montagu died on 18 August 1855 at Tunbridge Wells at age 56.

Child of George Montagu and Millicent Sparrow


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Millicent Sparrow1

F, b. 25 January 1798, d. 21 November 1848
     Millicent Sparrow was born on 25 January 1798. She married George Montagu, son ofWilliam Montagu and Susan Gordon, on 8 October 1822 at London, England. Millicent Sparrow died on 21 November 1848 at Kimbolton Castle, Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire, England, at age 50.

Child of Millicent Sparrow and George Montagu


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Elizabeth Trussel

F, b. 1496, d. before July 1527
     Elizabeth Trussel was born in 1496. She married John Vere, son of John Vere, circa 1508. Elizabeth Trussel married John Vere, son of John Vere, circa 1508. Elizabeth Trussel died before July 1527.

Children of Elizabeth Trussel and John Vere

John Vere

M, b. circa 1516, d. 3 August 1562
      John Vere was also known as Lord Great Chamberlain of England. He was the Earl of Oxford (16th). He was born circa 1516. He was the son of John Vere and Elizabeth Trussel. John Vere married an unknown person on 3 July 1536 at Holywell, Shoreditch, England. He married Margery Golding on 1 August 1548. John Vere died on 3 August 1562. He was buried on 31 August 1562 at Castle Hedingham.

Child of John Vere and Margery Golding