Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Duchess wanted, The Duke and his Children to have education and lifestyle paid for as her wish for there Lifetime. .

16H Will and Codicil of Consuelo, Dowager Duchess of
directed my General Trustees out of the income of my General Residuary Estate to pay or apply to or for the maintenance education or benefit of my grandson Alexander George Francis Drogo Viscount Mandeville or other the eldest or only son for the time being of my son William Angus Drogo Duke of Manchester during his life or until he should become entitled to the title and dignity of Duke of Manchester the following yearly sums (that was to say) during the minority of such grandson of mine such annual sum not exceeding £500 and after such grandson should have attained the ageof 21 years such annual sum not exceeding £1,500 and in the event of such grandson marrying in the lifetime of my said son the