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Marriage On 22 May 1876 in Grace Church, New York, Consuelo married George Montagu, Viscount Mandeville.[1] After that they settled on the Duke of Manchester's estate in Ireland. The couple had three children:[2] William Montagu, 9th Duke of Manchester (1877–1947) Lady Jacqueline Mary Alva Montagu (b 27 November 1879 † 15 March 1895 of consumption)[3] Lady Alice Eleanor Louise Montagu (b 27 November 1879 † 10 January 1900 consumption)[4]

The Grace Church

New York
802 Broadway
New York, New York

As the earliest example of Architecture in New York City, The Grace Church of New York provides a stunning introductory example. Designed by the then unproven young architect, James Renwick Jr., just 24 years old, it served as the beginning of his highly successful career. The church has stood for over 150 years, undergoing several additions as its congregation grew, and is currently undergoing a renovation that will restore the church to its full beauty.

  • ID: I378
  • Surname: DEL VALLE e IZNAGA
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 12 Feb 1847 in SANCTI SPIRITUS, CUBA
  • Christening: 25 Mar 1847 SANCTI SPIRITUS, CUBA
  • Death: 13 Jan 1904 in PARIS, FRANCE
  • _UID: 68E2655C4E81974396923245261C99113FC6
  • Note:
    IZNAGA - Lugar de juncos.

    Se casó con su prima María Natividad Iznaga y García.

    US Citizen - 1/6/1874
    Naturalization Year: 1874
    Immigrant Surname: DEL VALLE E. IZNAGA
    Immigrant Given Name: FERNANDO
    Birth Year: [Blank]
    Age: [Blank]
    Nationality: SPANISH
    Arrival Year: [Blank]
    Witness 1 Full Name: LOUIS D. BECK
    Witness 2 Full Name: [Blank]

    In the death at Paris of Fernando del Valle C. Iznaga a famous family loses another member. He was a cousin and one of the few remaining near relatives of the Dowager Duchess of Manchester and of Lady Llster-Kaye, wife of Sir John Pepys Llster-Kaye, Bart., both of whom are well remembered in New York. The Dowager Duchess of Manchester was Miss Consuelo Iznaga, a noted beauty of a quarter of a century ago. Hers was among the first of the prominent Anglo-American alliances. She was married to the late Duke of Manchester when he was the Viscount Mandeville. at Grace Church, New York, in May 1876. Upon the death, in New York, of her brother, Fernando Iznaga, In March 1901, she was bequeathed a fortune of about $3,000,000 while her two sisters and her mother were not mentioned in the will. She afterward provided liberally for them. Lady Llster-Kaye was Mrs. Natica Iznaga, and a third sister is Miss Emily Iznaga, who lives in Paris. The mother, wife of the late Don Antonio Iznaga del Valle, is living on her plantation near New Orleans. The present Duke of Manchester, who married Miss Helen Zimmerman, of Cincinnati, is a son of Consuelo, the Dowager Duchess. Although the late Antonio Iznaga was a native of the little village of Sancti Spiritus, in Cuba, the Iznagas are related to the noblest families in Spain. During the Ten Years' War their estates were confiscated and a large part of the family fortune was swept away, though it was later again built up in New York by the late Fernando Iznaga. NY Herald - 1/14/1904.