Sunday, March 30, 2014

Will and Codicil of Consuelo, Dowdger, Duchess of 109 Manchester

during the life of my said son the Duke of Manchester my General Trustees shall pay the annual income of the trust premises or so much of such income as they shall in their discretion think proper and sufficient to my said son for his own use so long during his life as he shall in the opinion of my general trustees be applying the income paid by them to him in a proper and reasonable manner for the maintenance of

Will and Codicil of Comuelo, Dovxiger Duchess of 109 Manchester
himself and his wife and the maintenance and education of his children or other issue for the time being suitably to his and their station in life and in keeping up a proper and suitable establishment and residence for himself and them And after the death of my said son the Duke of Manchester I direct that my general residuary estate shall be held in trust for the person being descended from me who at such death shall become Duke of Manchester absolutely Provided that if such person or -qq any person who by virtue of this present proviso would take the said premises absolutely shall be living al my death or he born in due time after my death then instead of such person taking an absolute interest the same premises shall be held as follows; that is to say if on the death of the Duke of Manchester to whom such person immediately succeeds such person shall not be an undischarged bankrupt and if no act shall have been done or suffered and if no event shall have happened whereby the trust next hereinafter declared if subsisting would be determined then upon trust to pay the annual income of my General Re- HI siduary Estate to such person during the residue of his life or until he attempts to alien charge or anticipate the same or any part thereof or is adjudged a bankrupt or takes proceedings for liquidation in bankruptcy or makes any arrangement or composition with his creditors having the effect of a charge upon or alienationof the said animal income or any part thereof or until he does or attempts to do or suffers any other act or thing or until any other event happens whereby if the same income were payable to him absolutely for his life he would be deprived of the right to receive the