From: m.montagu@
To: Alexander Montagu Manchester
Sent: 5/16/2009 4:19:42 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Annullment/Divorce

Alexander, To the best of my recollection this is the chain of events.... The woman, and I do not even remember her name stated early in the peace, before you went to the US that you had not been legally married and it was a joke because you were all drunk.   She claimed to have had the ceremony annulled after she found out and that would, I believe, have been in the 80s.  Sometime in the 90s she range me demanding money and claiming you had gone through a form of marrige with her and she wanted $5000 to agree to an annullment/divorce.  I believe it is the same thing under Australian law.  She freely admitted that she had never lived with you and that it was a scam/joke.   After contacting me I arranged to meet her and pay her the money and she signed the papers which were then filed with the Family Court and the annullment papers issued.  I sent the originals to Norman Parker for safe keeping.  I have no idea how to obtain duplicates -- I do not remember the woman's name, or any other details.  Believe she lived out in the Dandenong area.  But I paid her the money.   Got the documents signed and then filed them with the court.   I am prepared to speak to any person investigating this matter however the above is the extent of my knowledge.   There were no property, custody or ancilliary matters pursuant to the dissolution as you had never lived together and she admitted to court the whole exercise had been a "joke."