Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fifth Duke of Manchester Governor of Jamacia for over 20 years. Parish Mandeville Jamaica



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Mandeville, town, west-central Jamaica, located approximately 60 miles (100 km) west of Kingston. It is a mountain resort situated at an elevation of 2,061 feet (628 metres). Surrounded by stone-walled pastures, the old centre of Mandeville has the atmosphere of an English village. Nearby is a large bauxite mine, which provides much of the town’s employment and prosperity. Mandeville is also a favourite location for Jamaicans who have returned from working abroad to retire. Its name was derived from the courtesy title (Viscount Mandeville) of William Montagu, duke of Manchester, who was governor of Jamaica from 1808 to 1827. Pop. (2011) urban area, 49,695