Monday, July 8, 2013

Thank You for your Kindness, Many wonderful people have helped us. We have many people who are going to turn this case around its been very interesting.

 The Recent postings, articles and truly false reports and statements have hurt and confused our children, friends and family.

The recent report made was false. We have the best lawyer in the country to take this case. It took the woman six months to get a report done, The fact we were not home, and the fact she was offered a choice to move twice is shocking she stayed in her same location.
The fact my husband this year has had very serious disc and back issues and wears a back brace given to him by his doctor not a bullet proff Vest. People are shocking these are adults who act and make up storys like bad adolescents with gossip its really shocking.

We are very sorry that the public has to see this nuance the people posting is obvious there names are on articles across the world. One article done by the Duke of Manchester's own mother Lady Mary Montagu or Mary McClure who has her own life and articles she hides from the Internet public while she lets the world and own grandchildren and others have a go at her own son. As the dukes own mother lady mary montagu McClure sits back and I guess enjoys it. not a great grandmother or mother.
Usually family members who don't like each other just quietly move on.
We have never met the dukes mother lady Mary or his brother and sister Emma or Kimbol that is as we have been told a good thing. Every person we  have spoken to in Australia has said Marion Johanna stoner was a desperate broke woman with a police record.  Please we ask you go ahead and do research yourself . Marion did fake police reports. We also called the hospital Alexander was suppose to be at they have no record of him ever being there.

The fact he was not in the country or ever in the courtroom would truly be a very big reason he was not married to Marion Johanna stoner. Alexander was in San Francisco  and engaged to Sonya Panoff. everyone knew this. The court annulment papers should still be in the records department. BUT remember Lady Mary Montagu was a transcript officer and a assistant to a judge so Lady Mary could do as she pleased at the court records department.
Lady mary mcclure had all the duke (hers sons) paperwork served and sent to her address.
Also Emma Montagu had a travel agency called Turtle bay travel we have several faxes sent to and from it will be in our book. Truly a family full of lies and the hurt they have done to there brother, son and the children of the duke the head of the family is sick and evil. There is no reason why Marion Johanna stoner 12 years older than the 20 year old duke could not find him to properly divorce him even if the story was true. He was obviously in the press every day!  ha! 

Why were not the principles for this Bigamy case not at the court hearing, The duke, Marion stoner, the dukes mother the great Lady Mary, the lawyers, We all would love to see some wedding photos of the horrific event. but poor Kimbol who even states he didn't know his brother nor really knew where he was was the BIG witness to his own older brothers serious case of a woman Kimbol never met or even states he didn't know much.  Great witness!  Wendy and the children were able to be paid the trustees obviously do as the want. We were also warned by strange emails the articles were coming out in the press by many so the plot is all in emails and from many people the articles on the duke were preplanned weeks in advance by people we know who the are the AP isn't hard to find out
when you have friends in the industry.
We and others see it as a conspiracy. Because it is.  It makes life more interesting.

Many Other false statements and articles about the Duke being a bigamist is and has been investigated properly. Marion Johanna Stoner is a fraud she was 33 years old the Duke was 21 the fake wedding Marion stoner  planned on the duke was a total of six months. from March to September that makes it a automatic annulment. The duke and marion never lived together ever.
All very easy to figure out. Marion Stoner was known by the local police in Melbourne Australia and has a record. Marion stoner has a husband for ten years who was her age then she decided to marry a 21 year old Viscount duke! right? Marion needed money from the family and she extorted money from the Dukes mother in her own words. Marion stoner told Wendy Montagu Buford she was going to call her and of course Marion stoner never called anyone. This is old news that the press is printing.
The then up and coming duke to be was liked by many women he was a good looking guy with a family history that was known to many as extremely wealthy. As lady Montagu stated when the 11th duke died in a article stating the are the new heirs and they will be living in style!
The family was well known for wealth and honor for century's.

Melinda Pillsbury foster and Wendy Buford Montagu are the stalkers and a complete menace to society and a disgrace to all women. I hope the press will do a background check and research before they print anything these two old birds say. Please someone find Melinda Pillsbury foster and Wendy Buford Montagu new husbands to harass extort and stalk. Trent Van lock was Wendy Buford Montagu's boyfriend her entire marriage to the duke she had a wedding dress all ready to marry him in 2005 when he dumped her for her drinking habits once again. Melinda Pillsbury foster has no education and has never divorced ron foster her first of four husbands. There Dominican republic divorce you have to be in court to make it official. We have never met Melinda Pillsbury foster.

Wendy Montagu Buford children's DSS account for payment from the duke closed because she was not cooperating with them she was lying about her payments. and refused to tell the government the truth.

Wendy got pregnant from someone at the cowboy boogie bar as she's told the media. But she didn't have a wedding until 3 days before the baby was born. Now that's real love waiting 9 months for the baby daddy to show up then finally poor Alex married wendy.  What excitement about wendys  new life and child most women have a wedding preplanned and are so excited they are so busy with there friends and mother finding a church and the reception hall. Wendy did nothing to plan a wedding with the duke she also hated him so much they separated 2005.2006 and wendy did nothing but tell the press again this year how she hated the duke and his family but still remains talking about him everyday!
Wendy Buford montagu had nine months to plan a simple wedding she didn't, You can have a beautiful wedding on the beach for nothing! 

Thank you all once again for your patience and having to see this insane nonsenses no one wants to see this we have all been through enough in life.

The children and there future have suffered from these insane adults with no lady like behavior in site for any of them.

God Bless the children.