Friday, October 28, 2011

To all Dear Friends and Professionals anything here is the Truth. If anyone wants to see the Documented papers we have them with our lawyers.

Dear Friends,

All of my posting is documented truth. All documents and E-mails are looked over by my lawyers,
And professionals.  Nothing here is false, Some are Articles that were printed by prior, News Articles.
They were already in the news for all to see.  I do not post or print anything that is not a legal document that is not ours, Or in the public already.  My web Blogs are Documented truth not Slander to the press outlets like Wendy Montagu Buford keeps doing. She likes her name in the news. She hates the family and  Alexander Montagu but keeps her Montagu name. She keeps her and her children in the News,  She was separated from Alexander Montagu in 2006, They were in divorced after 15 years of marriage in 2007.
Alexander Montagu  must not have been that bad,   She had two kids seven years apart.
Wendy complains a bit to late, She could have left after the first child but Wendy, I guess loved Alex Montagu and wanted to be his wife and have another child.?
No record of abuse ever came up in court records.  If you want we will post that court document also.
Law suits are now in place for the recent slander in the news. Alexander Montagu has not seen his Children since 2007.The child alienation from Ms, Buford Montagu is unbelievable. She is reported to CPS. 
We have many emails and Voicemails from her. She will not let go she will not let him speak to his children. We have lived in California all except for one year. She cant use that excuse it is no the truth.  We also could have flown in to see the children.  She during many phone calls to the children comes in between the phone calls. She will not even let Alexander Montagu the father have a private phone conversation.
DNA has never been done on any family member except, Alexander Montagu Manchester,
The Duke of Manchester. 


Have a wonderful day!