Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Duke of Manchester Priceless Art At Kimbolton Castle

William Angus Drogo Montagu, the present Duke, was born in London in 1877, and was educated at Eton and Trinity College Cambridge. His Grace is a keen sportsman and devoted to an out-door life. Hi is a practical agriculturist, and exceedingly popular with the tenantry on the 70,000 acres which he inherited in Huntingdonshire and the North and West of Ireland.
Kimbolton Castle, his ancestral home, is a noble building of great historic interest, inseparably connected with the memory of the ill-fated Queen Katherine of Aragon. Its art treasures are of priceless value, and include paintings by Holbein, Rubens, Vandyke, Titian, Lely, Reynolds and Lawrence. His Grace possesses, in addition to Kimbolton, a town mansion, 5 Grosvenor Square W., Tanderagee Castle, co. Armagh and Kylemore Castle, Connemara.