Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Motto- You May Displace me but you can NOT change me!

MOTTO.-- It is not known what the motto of the Boveney family was; probably the family flourished in England at so early a date, that mottos had not come into general use; but it may be said that "Disponendo me, non mutando me" dates back to the time of Henry VIII, and is the most ancient of all the Montagu mottos. It is used in England by the Dukes of Manchester, and is said to have originated with Sir Edward Montagu, the executor of the will of Henry VIII. He was lord chief justice of England. He was removed from that position by Queen Mary, who also imprisoned him in the Tower of London. After his release, it is said that he added the motto to his Arms in Latin, a free translation of which is, "You may displace me but you cannot change me."