Friday, September 16, 2011

The true infromation on the Great Montagu family and the real history.The Earl of Sandwich was killed in action at the Battle of Solebay in May 1672. He never gave up his title, His Dear Brother took the Title as the 2nd Earl of Sandwich.

Edward Montagu, (1st Earl of Sandwich) , 1625-72

The youngest colonel in the New Model Army, he supported Cromwell's Protectorate as an admiral and diplomat, then played a leading role in the Restoration of Charles II.

In February 1660, General Monck occupied London and restored the MPs who had been expelled from Parliament in 1648. In the changed political climate, Montagu was recalled to the Council of State and made joint general-at-sea with Monck. Realising that the restoration of the monarchy was inevitable, Montagu co-operated with Monck and proceeded to purge the fleet of republican and radical officers. He entered into correspondence with Charles II and was elected to the pro-Royalist Convention Parliament in April 1660 as MP for Dover. His flagship was renamed the Royal Charles, and on 14 May, Montagu's fleet sailed to Scheveningen in the Netherlands to convey Charles II back to England. The royal party landed at Dover on 25 May.
Montagu was richly rewarded for his role in the Restoration. Amongst other honours, he was made a Knight of the Garter and created first Earl of Sandwich. He went on to lead a distinguished career as a diplomat, naval administrator and fighting admiral under Charles II. He was killed in action at the battle of Solebay in May 1672 during the Third Anglo-Dutch War, going down with his flagship the Royal James which, according to some accounts, he refused to abandon. Sandwich's posthumous reputation was enhanced by his portrayal in the famous diary of his client and kinsman Samuel Pepys, in which he appears as a generous and sophisticated patron.