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Hector and Andromache

Hector and Andromache (© Temple Newsam House)

Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini (1675 - 1741)

Temple Newsam House


The subject of this work is taken from the sixth book of the Iliad. The Trojans are hard pressed and Hector leaves the battle to tell the Trojan women to make supplication to the gods. He finds Andromache on the wall with their child Astyanax. She pleads with him in vain not to return to the battle. Astyanax has been frightened by his father's helmet, but Hector has handed it to an attendant and now holds the child in his arms. The main figures are full length and a little less than life size.
  • Medium: oil on canvas
  • Dimensions: 235 x 220 cm
  • Art Fund Grant: £875 ( Total: £1,750)
  • ArtFunded in: 1959
  • Vendor: Leggatt's


From the collections of the Dukes of Manchester, Kimbolton Castle which was decorated by Pellegrini.

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