Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Montagu Manchester family were Great Men and Women Statesman and Women of Society

The Montagu Manchester family is a very honorable Wealthy family. Mandiville Jamicia is named after
The Duke of Manchester where he was governor for 20 years. The Duke of Manchester also helped abolish slavery under his Governorship.
Winston churchhill was a friend of the Dukes they went side by side in war togeather. Upon the accssion of Charles I Baron Montagu of Kimbolton was and of Huntington was advanced Feb 1626to Earl of Manchester. Montagu , family name of Duke of Manchester, Earldom of Sandwich, And Baron Swaythling.
Alexander Montagu is the only living direct family of Earl of Sandwich.

The Duchess of Manchester has one of the most famous Jewlery collections in the world Made by Louis Cartier in the 1800s. Designed by Consuelo The Duchess of Manchester. She was from a wealthy Cuban family who still own a Railroad. also many propertys in New York city and Estates around the world.
The Duchess of Manchester walk is in New York City to this day. The Family Ansestors would be disgrased at the media printed today.  The Manchester family has many trusts English, Irish, New York, Kenya to name just a few if they are so broke than why do we have so many trustees that make a half million a year a piece.  And use the propertys as there own.  Why are they and there familys living better than the Duke and Duchess of Manchester if there is no family fortune.  Why did the media have a frenzie over The Duke of Manchester Bigomey when THEY went thru a legal divorce that cost him 2 years and thousands of dollars. If he knew he was already married.  All of the Documents will be posted. Be carefull investigative reporting is a thing of the past. Its just how fast you type and can how fast you can push a story thru. And how Juicy you can make a story.  We are legally married they also posted he has Three Bigomist wives?? DO your research as a reporter that is slander at its best.  Calling my marriage not legal.